April 18, 2024

We Are Family Episode 9 Review

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John- my very early guess is pitbull but idk. There’s hair in there so I doubt it. It’s Luis Fonsi!!! The clues add up now lol, John and Luis are brothers. Of course cause they look alike

Prima- man I’m going with David arquette but I’m kind of lost. It could be one of the guys from friends. I AM KICKING MYSELF. ITS DERMOT MULRONEY. FROM SCREAM. I MET HIM. PRIMA IS HIS WIFE. OH MY GOD.

Final contestant of the night!

Gweniver?- lol, Chuck Liddell! I knew it! I don’t watch ufc and I knew it, I watch scream and didn’t know, ain’t this game great? Gweniver is chucks daughter!

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