May 25, 2024

Masked Singer Quarter Finals

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Masked singer quarter finals!!!

Clock- def an older woman, been around a few times, truly no idea who this is

Gum ball- my boy!!!! Yeah I know this dude, that’s my man. 100% that’s who I want to win! He killed it again!

Poodlemoth- it’s been a while since I’ve seen her. Man I also have no idea on this, maybe younger. Mandy Moore would be a good one

Goldfish- man she’s good. I think she’s going to win but I’m still pulling for Gumball! She got famous young, Vanessa hudgins maybe, I’m gonna say Hillary duff.

Gum ball and Poodlemoth head to the smackdown, anddddd gum ball advances to the semis!!!

Poodlemoth is unmasked as…. CHRISSY METZ FROM THIS IS US!!!! Wow ok.


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