June 19, 2024

Masked Singer Season 11 Finale!

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Masked singer season 11 finale!!!!!

Gumball goes first and absolutely kills it and he can rap?!? Holy moly…. I hope this man takes it home tonight!!! And I of course know who that is!!!!

Goldfish- she has been killing it all season I have to say, if Gumball lost to her I wouldn’t be mad. It’s a Disney star clearly, that would be absolutely hilarious if it’s Nicole

We get 2 performances tonight! Nice little end of season treat

Gumball killed his final performance man! I love this dude

Goldfish also killed her last performance

Gumball takes 2nd place for season 11…. And the person under the mask is… and was I so close…. Former Friday night lights star Scott Porter, aka Jason street! I was as close as you could possibly be… but man Scott can sing, my man Jason street!! Proud Friday night lights fan here

Now onto season 11s winner…. The goldfish, who was very talented all year, former high school musical star and wrestling fan, Vanessa Hudgins! She deserved the win, I was pulling for Gumball, but she earned it! Probably the most entertaining season finale they’ve ever had, I for one had a blast! See yall in season 12!

Thank you again!


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